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Version 4.64
  1. New icon (thanks to Marco !)
  2. Add option to convert '//' into '/'
  3. Add DNS relay advertisement in Settings windows
  4. fix : crash on empty DNS request
  5. Suppress warning "DHCP mask empty" if DHCP is disabled
  6. Improved: disk caching behavior
  7. Fix: use of unsigned 32 bits int for file size reporting (impact only file >2Gb)
  8. Change: behavior on duplicate requests
  9. New: compiled under Visual studio 2019
  10. Improved: increased size of dir window and better alignment
  11. Add: exponential delay for statistics reports
Version 4.60
Some changes for avoiding false positive antivirus detection
nak messages are padded with null characters to be greater than 4 bytes (thanks to Clement)
improved DDoS/fuzzing resilience: better handling of malformed packet
improved DDoS resilience: pacing new threads (thanks to Peter)
fixed: stats are correctly displayed when a tranfer ends
Version 4.51
A few fixes
Version 4.50
DHCP has been greatly improved !
Partly rewritten : the DHCP server
Changed : startup process
Version 4.00
IPv6 is enabled !
New : already active transfers are correctly displayed in the management console (service edition)
Fixed : Message correctly displayed when the standalone version is run and the service is already running
Fixed : Explorer was not started if current directory contains a comma
Changed : Thread synchronisation has been rewritten (1 block transfers are 4 times faster)
Version 3.51
Tftpd64 is born.
Fixed : Delete function in the DHCP assignation
Fixed : Syslog option not added in the DHCP offer unless syslog service is started
Version 3.50
New : Tftpd32 is now tested under Windows 7.
New : Tftpd32 modified to be compiled under 64 bits (will be tftpd64 of course !!).
New : Settings are now gathered in a tab window.
New : TFTP working directory control is editable
Added : Change Browse popup window's style (BIF_USENEWUI flags). Fix proposed by Nathan Alderson.
Added : In directory window OK/Cancel buttons have been replaced by a single Close button.
Fixed : DHCP does not perform ICMP request in DHCPREQUEST stage (fix proposed by Colin)
Fixed : DHCP may crash while using BOOTP in static mode (fix proposed by Rolf Offerman)
Fixed : tabs are inconsistent if inits are unsuccessful
Changed : About button is no more the default push button
Suppressed : action field into LOG tabFixed : Service edition hangs during long tranfers
Version 3.34
Fixed : Service edition hangs during long tranfers
Version 3.33 Fallback : IPv6 functions suppressed
Fallback : DHCP custom values beginning with 0x works again
Added: DHCP custom values should be prefixed by their type (a for IP address, s for string and i for integer)
Added: DNS server improvements
ADDED : Tftpd32 Service Edition has its installer (Special Thanks to Srdjan Grubor who wrote the NSIS scrip !!)
Version 3.31 Added : DNS server
Fixed: display of Rogue MAC address (it now appears as -)
Fixed : mispelled Tranfer
Fixed : Irregular DHCP assignation may occur under Vista
Major Change : Tftpd32 now released under European Union Public License
Version 3.29 Fix a crash which may happen under heavy load  
Version 3.27 and 3.28 Changes in the duplicated requests detection and management  
Version 3.26 The DHCP server crash has been fixed  
Version 3.25

Ten years edition

  • The source code is available
  • Tftpd32 service edition
  • Tftpd32 minor corrections

Le 10ème anniversaire de Tftpd32

Version 3.23 Fixed: log saving to TFTPLogFile variable was broken
Added: custom udpport option for stateless firewalls or NAT
La sauvegarde des logs via TFTPLogFile est réparée
Ajout d'une option udpport permettant des transferts à travers firewalls et NAT.
Version 3.22 DHCP configuration was not properly saved Correction d'un bug de sauvegarde des paramètres DHCP
Version 3.21 Change the inter thread startup synchronisation
Fix a bug which affects socket on Windows 2003
some backgrounds window have been removed
Correction d'un bug sur l'ouverture des sockets en Windows 2003
Changement de la synchronisation inter-threads au démarrage
Supression de plusieurs fenêtres d'arrière plan
Version 3.20 Tftpd32 comes with an installer
Help has been compiled to the CHM format
program structure was completly rewritten
Ajout d'un programme d'installation
L'help est au format CHM
La structure du programme a été repensée
Version 3.02 added some command line processing Ajout d'options de commande en ligne
Version 3.01 added or fixed a lot of features of the DHCP server Pas mal de changements dans le serveur DHCP
Version 3.00 New look with listview. un nouveau look
Version 2.84 Fixed: bug when uploading large files (release 2.81 to 2.83)  
Version 2.83 Added: a range of local ports may be specified for firewalls
Fixed: root directory may be used again
Fixed:TFTP Port binding may fail with error 10049
Version 2.82 A quick fix before holydays: the "Show dir" window works again  
Version 2.81 Replaced : A combo box instead of a static text for directory management
Changed : Unix Translation active by default
Changed : IP Combo Box is refreshed
Changed : PXE compatibility checks Virtual Root and Unix name translation.
Added : on-fly MD5 file computation
New : The DHCP server part is now released under public license (Artistic)

utilisation d'une combo box pour les répertoires
Distribution du serveur DHCP sous GPL

Version 2.80 Added : Ten user-defined options for DHCP
Added : configuration read either from registry or ini file
Added : Syslog daemon shows the IP address of sender
Fixed : BOOTP protocol OK again
Fixed : A race condition may crash Tftpd32 when sending illegal connect frames.

Gestion des options dans DHCP
La configuration est lue soit dans la base de registre soit dans un fichier Tftpd32.ini
Corrections de Bug : BOOTP fonctionne à nouveau et suppression d'une possibilité de plantage lors de l'envoi de trames mal formées.

Version 2.74 Added : Copy to Clipboard button in Tftp server and syslog
Added : DHCP server reads port definition in file services
Fixed : characters in field file in TFTP client window were converted in lowercase (affects versions 2.71 to 2.73)
Memory footprint has been reduced (but exe size has increased).
Binary is now compiled for Pentium.
Ajout d'un bouton Copy To Cliboard
Le serveur DHCP utilise les définitions du fichier service
Les caractères dans la fenêtre client TFTP ne sont plus convertis en minuscules (versions 2.71 à 2.73)
Limitation de la taille mémoire
Compilation pour Pentium.
Version v2.73 Fixed : restore BootP availability
Added : Name of file which failed to be transferred
BootP fonctionne à nouveau
Le nom du fichier en erreur apparaît
Version v2.72 Fixed : lease time may be zero in previous version
Correction d'un bug qui peut conduire Tftpd32 à donner des baux d'une durée nulle.
Version v2.71 Added Drag and Drop facility
Fixed double acknowledgement in client
Ajout du drag and drop dans la partie Client
Correction d'un envoi d'un acquittement double
Version v2.70 Fixed a bug in DHCP addresses assignment.
Fixed a bug in the TFTP server when uploading with OACK
Added a PXE compatibility option.
Added choice of block size in client
Correction d'un bug DHCP
Correction d'un bug dans les transferts remontant avec négociation d'options
Ajout d'un mode de compatibilité PXE
Ajout de la négociation de la taille de trame dans le client.
Version 2.62 Fixed a bug in DHCP server
Tftpd32 now retain its position
Un bug corrigé dans la partie DHCP serveur
Tftpd32 conserve sa position
Blaster and Tftpd32 Blaster and its variants uses Tftpd32. Le virus Blaster utilise Tftpd32 pour se propager
Version 2.60 Fixed a DHCP bug.
By the way, i have added an SNTP server.
Correction d'une erreur dans le serveur DHCP.
Version 2.54 Timestamp added in the log window.
TFTP Port can be modified in the client window
Ajout d'un horodatage
Possibilité de changer le port dans la partie client
Version 2.53 Changed the behavior of DHCP thread. Thanks to Pierre Viallet and Harald Kipp. Le thread DHCP a été modifié
Version 2.52 The release 2.52 supports again tsize option and Virtual root. This is the recommended version to be used with PXE. Cette version corrige deux bugs relatifs à PXE.
Version 2.51 The release 2.51 fixes a severe vulnerability detected by Beyond security. Tftpd32 is now safe. Beyond security a mis en évidence une faille de sécurité.
Version 2.5 This release includes a DHCP server and the code has been fully rewritten. This will help me to add new feature like multicast.  
Version 2.5 beta 02 BUG FIXED
If a client requests a file with no option negotiation, then a second file with blocksize 1428, then a third file with no negotiation, the server appears to act as if it received the option request when it didnt.
Bug reported by Bob Kennett
Si un client lance un transfert avec option puis sans. L'option est conservée
Version 2.5 beta I am currently working on a new release which includes a DHCP server. With this release, Tftpd32 has become a multithreaded server. Each transfer is handled by a dedicated thread.
Neither the TFTP server nor the DHCP server has been toroughtly tested. Thus if you want to download a reliable version, use another one and if you use this one, please report what was wrong.
Je développe une version qui comprend un serveur DHCP. Le serveur TFTP fonctionne également en multithread.
Cette version n'a pas été suffisamment éprouvée pour être déclarée fiable.
Si toutefois vous l'utilisez n'hésitez pas à me remonter les problèmes.